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Sunderland Tyne And Wear

NameDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthDate Of DeathPlace Of DeathPlace Of Marriage
Smith,Isabella 30/11/-0001Unknown14/04/1990Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Smith,Evelyn Cooper10/07/1913Sunderland Tyne and Wear01/06/1991Leeds West YorkshireUnknown
Stobbart,Brian 10/12/1954Sunderland Tyne and Wear06/09/2018Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Strand,Doris 21/12/1925England28/02/2017Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Swainston,Kathleen 18/07/1955Sunderland Tyne and Wear14/05/2018Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Swartz,Ian Tucker Emmanuel 01/07/1960Sunderland Tyne and Wear11/07/2018 Houghton le Spring Tyne and WearUnknown
Swinburne,Linda 21/01/1955Sunderland Tyne and Wear19/11/2014Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Tatham,Joseph 29/04/1924Sunderland Tyne and Wear18/12/2016Witherwack SunderlandUnknown
Taylor,Robert 08/12/1943Sunderland Tyne and Wear04/09/2017Sunderland Tyne and WearUnknown
Taylor,Kenneth 03/03/1932Sunderland Tyne and Wear05/12/2016Gateshead Tyne and WearUnknown