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Could you be the Heir to a Fortune? Unclaimed estates published every week in the UK

Could you be the Heir to a Fortune? Unclaimed estates published every week in the UK

When someone dies with no will or no known next of kin or family, their estate may be passed to the Crown as ownerless or “bona vacantia” property.

These estates could take the form of property, assets, savings, bank accounts or include buildings, money or personal items.

But be careful before investing time and money into research, as there may be an undiscovered Will somewhere that disinherits you!



These estates are generally worth very little value, but once in a while, like the Lotto, an unexpected windfall can be a welcome surprise.

If proof can be submitted (we can provide expert help with this), people can be entitled to a share of a deceased person’s estate or other asses or property.

Whether you live in London, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Lancashire or East Anglia, research may reveal that unexpected windfall - and it can be done without you needing to provide anything more than a name of a person you think may be deceased.

Search the current list of unclaimed estates here.


Using a Professional Service to make your claim

The main advantages of claiming an estate or Inheritance through

Finders International are:

  1. No success = no fee. Only paid if and when you are
  2. Fees expressed as a percentage of you final net entitlement
  3. Protection against an estate being insolvent or a low value. These scenarios could mean you easily spend more than you receive. This won’t happen using Finders International.
  4. Protection against a Will being found which then disinherits you. Many estates have not been checked for the existence of a Will, these searches need to be done professionally before an estate can safely be called intestate. Finders International will search for a Will free of charge in Bona Vacantia cases, and/or obtain AVIVA insurance protection against a Will being found later.
  5. The only UK firm regulated by the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists & Heir Hunters see
  6. A main firm on The BBC1 Series “Heir Hunters”
  7. One of the largest firms in Europe providing missing beneficiary identification and location services.