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If you have one of these surnames, you could be in line to inherit a FORTUNE

If you have one of these surnames, you could be in line to inherit a FORTUNE

Bona Vacantia List 

If you have a matching surname you could be the rightful heir to a small fortune thanks to a relative you may not know you had. If somebody dies in the UK without making a will and their family cannot be traced their belongings, money and property pass to the Government. 

Potential relatives are entitled to make a claim on the estate where their legitimacy will be investigated. Every unclaimed estate which is recorded comes to the crown for safekeeping until a rightful heir can be found. The estate is listed on the Bona Vacantia List which is where they can be found by relatives. 

According to Finders International, a specialist probate genealogist team, family members and heirs of the deceased have just 12 years to claim an estate once it has been reported unclaimed to the Crown. In certain circumstances, an extension to 30 years may be granted. It is possible you have been contacted by heir hunters, either Finders or other companies. If you would like to investigate the legitimacy of your claim get in touch. 


Unclaimed Estates in Derbyshire

There are currently over 80 unclaimed estates in Derbyshire. If you have a matching surname in your family tree, you could be entitled to make a claim on the estate. As is often the case, many of the estates have been listed by the government for decades and will soon revert to the grown indefinitely if they remain unclaimed. 

Any individual can check the Central Probate Registry to see if any next of kin are on the unclaimed list. If you think that you might be the rightful heir to one of the estates listed you can find out how to make a claim for that estate here.

The list has seen a sharp increase in numbers over the past few years because Government cuts mean that there is no search for a will before an unclaimed estate is added to the list.
These are the surnames of unclaimed Derbyshire estates:

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