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Unclaimed Estates in Derbyshire

Unclaimed Estates in Derbyshire

Unclaimed Estates are left behind when someone passes away without a will, and no known next of kin can be traced. In recent news, the latest Bona Vacantia list reveals that 84 unclaimed Derby and Derbyshire estates are pertaining to individuals carrying one of 80 Derbyshire surnames.

You could potentially be entitled to a fortune if you have one of the Derbyshire family surnames listed. You may also be surprised to see a few family names such as  Akinyeye, Bartosz, and Varsha, which aren’t so common. The likelihood of claiming an estate is high especially if you hold these unique surnames.

Finders International is a genealogy firm that locates relatives that have a claim to estates and assets. If, for some reason, these Derby and Derbyshire estates go unclaimed, they will then be passed over to the crown.

If you find a name on the Bona Vacantia list which you may be an entitled relative of, contact a member of our team who can discuss the process of proving your claim.