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Audrey Brambleby:
18/03/1911 - 23/02/2011

Date Of Publication26/01/2015
Date Of Birth18/03/1911
Date Of Death23/02/2011
Place Of DeathSt Albans Hertfordshire
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Location of Death

Similar Place of Death: St Albans Hertfordshire

NameDate of birth/death
Scivyer,Ivy Kathleen Daw22/03/1904-15/08/1990
Shepherd,Norman George 06/12/1910-11/06/1991
Sheriff,Henry 06/12/1935-06/01/1989
Smith,Beatrice Ivy 20/11/1898-14/08/1986
Staines,Edgar Cecil 25/10/1900-17/07/1994
Stewart,Jack Geoffrey 15/05/1930-19/05/1991
Stobbs,May 04/10/1904-19/05/1992
Stokes,Yvonne Margaret 05/08/1932-30/09/2018
Tappin,Elsie 01/08/1904-08/09/1991
Taylor,Thomas 23/01/1904-11/06/1985

Similar Forenames: Audrey

NameDate of birth/death
Neal,Audrey Mable Brett16/04/1921-13/12/2015
Newton,Audrey 30/11/-0001-26/02/1999
Owen,Alice Audrey 29/01/1926-21/10/2012
Pain,Audrey Thyrza 07/02/1929-30/08/2016
Parker,Audrey 14/04/1927-20/05/2002
Parnell,Audrey Vera 23/10/1912-27/12/1989
Phillips,Audrey Violet 26/10/2005-29/10/1990
Plumb,Audrey Margaret 13/02/1927-28/06/2008
Rana,Audrey 01/02/1936-17/08/2010
Roberts,Patricia Audrey Ann 17/01/1938-25/07/2017

Similar Surnames: Brambleby

NameDate of birth/death
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