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Doreen Gilbert:
30/11/-0001 - 11/09/1988

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth30/11/-0001
Date Of Death11/09/1988
Place Of DeathBristol Avon
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Location of Death

Similar Place of Death: Bristol Avon

NameDate of birth/death
Jones,Joshua 01/03/1923-09/12/1989
Perks,Elsie May Parsons31/03/1907-20/12/1989
Clark,Kate Christine 25/12/1912-27/05/1994
Ware,Douglas Henry 17/06/1921-25/06/1991
Whitehead,Maud 29/04/1894-31/01/1988
Freeman,Vera Thorne30/11/-0001-27/01/1988
Cima,Daisy May 16/10/1893-31/01/1986
Wright,Arthur 13/09/1917-29/03/1988
Williams,May 01/01/1911-31/12/1991
Meuller,Erhard 23/04/1927-10/03/1989

Similar Forenames: Doreen

NameDate of birth/death
Stewart,Marjorie Doreen Kirby16/03/1926-03/12/2000
Turner,Barbara Doreen 07/04/1934-18/01/2011
Kohl,Doreen Elsie Berry24/11/1938-09/06/1994
Hunt,Doreen Amelia 30/11/-0001-21/03/2004
Hunt,Edna Doreen 28/02/1923-10/05/2005
Smith,Eva Doreen 09/01/1887-04/04/1985
Wheeler,Doreen Eugene Hadley17/03/1897-18/10/1987
Allen,Doreen Evelyn 16/09/1925-17/01/2002
Hadlum,Doreen 07/09/1934-08/12/2004
Moore,Mary Doreen Alderson13/03/1920-14/05/1991

Similar Surnames: Gilbert

NameDate of birth/death
Gilbert,Evelyn Darwin17/08/1912-03/01/1989
Gilbert,Mary 17/07/1917-05/07/1988
Gilbert,Adelaide Frances 30/11/-0001-10/01/1996
Gilbert,Gillian Jane 30/11/-0001-25/03/1995
Gilbert,Marie Constance 24/08/1917-01/10/2005
Gilbert,Michael Frederick 16/09/1944-27/04/2007
Gilbert,Minnie Lily 05/03/1909-28/03/2002
Gilbert,Roger Anthony 13/12/1944-21/09/2010
Gilbert,Ronald Henry 29/06/1928-20/03/2006
Gilbert,Stephen 27/09/1967-13/08/2007