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Joan Spufford:
11/01/1939 - 27/12/2017

Date Of Publication10/05/2019
Date Of Birth11/01/1939
Date Of Death27/12/2017
Place Of DeathColchester Essex
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Location of Death

Similar Place of Death: Colchester Essex

NameDate of birth/death
Payne,Frederick Dennis 01/07/1938-04/09/2016
Petersen,Marjorie Florence 27/05/1907-08/01/1986
Petrie,Patricia Olive Carthy13/02/1932-26/06/2018
Pettitt,Douglas George 20/08/1948-04/12/2018
Pillay,Venkatrao 15/09/1921-19/08/1988
Powell,Sheila Rosemarie 06/04/1944-21/09/2015
Powell,Mavis Lillian Frances 30/11/-0001-15/01/1995
Quinn,Martin Robert 11/01/1947-14/09/2017
Rankin,Florence Louise Austin11/04/1909-27/02/1992
Read,Mary Elizabeth Fanny 04/03/1909-03/10/1991

Similar Forenames: Joan

NameDate of birth/death
Harvey,Mary Joan Sheila Simmonds22/05/1918-24/02/2000
Head,Joan Mary 28/11/1918-19/07/1997
Henness,Margaret Joan 01/07/1955-05/04/2016
Hicks,Joan Hunt30/04/1925-20/09/2009
Hooper,Joan 06/05/1923-21/01/2010
Hudson,Beryl Joan 14/06/1925-14/07/2006
Hunter,Joan Welton10/04/1918-21/03/2002
Ince,Joan Marion 27/02/1951-03/04/2006
Jackson,Joan Poppy 11/11/1931-22/08/2014
Jewitt,Joan 24/10/1932-03/04/2013

Similar Surnames: Spufford

NameDate of birth/death
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