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Theresa Zgoda:
13/07/2022 - 18/01/2022

Date Of Publication14/06/2022
Date Of Birth13/07/2022
Date Of Death18/01/2022
Place Of DeathKeighley West Yorkshire
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Location of Death

Similar Place of Death: Keighley West Yorkshire

NameDate of birth/death
Evans,Kathleen Edna 19/12/1950-11/04/2021
Townsend,Colin 18/03/1961-01/11/2021
Howard,John James 09/02/1947-18/10/2021
Smith,Alison Jane 01/01/1978-15/11/2020
Parker,Rita 10/03/1947-08/04/2020
Ambler,Alan 18/10/1952-06/12/2021
McCubbin,Lynton Graham 25/04/1935-07/05/2020
Reddihough,Joyce Elizabeth 19/08/1934-19/07/2021
Strilnyk,Paul 28/10/1959-15/11/2020
Spencer,Freda 04/06/1919-26/09/2020

Similar Forenames: Theresa

NameDate of birth/death
Brown,Theresa Jane 03/11/1961-08/09/2015
Collins,Theresa 27/06/1897-04/02/1990
Donnelly,Theresa Patricia 12/04/1955-25/12/2012
Doyle,Mary Theresa 10/09/1927-22/05/1987
Dunne,Anne Theresa 05/09/1951-05/04/2014
Elliott,Jessie Theresa 10/05/1920-14/10/1996
Falconer,Theresa 24/07/1909-18/07/1993
Hall,Theresa Florence Richman28/04/1927-07/01/2002
Harrison,Patricia Theresa 30/11/-0001-03/09/2009
Hirschberg,Theresa Kronau28/09/1911-26/07/2006

Similar Surnames: Zgoda

NameDate of birth/death
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