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Clacton On Sea Essex

NameDate Of BirthPlace Of BirthDate Of DeathPlace Of DeathPlace Of Marriage
Fitzpatrick,Peter Anthony 30/11/-0001Unknown11/12/2004Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Franklin,Stephen Michael 08/06/1964Unknown05/02/2020Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Gibbs,Maureen Elizabeth 16/11/1932Croydon15/04/2020Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Hamori,George Karl 16/05/1930Hungary09/01/2002Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Hardaker,Keith 22/08/1957Yorkshire06/04/2016Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Kear,Jane Anne Kear11/12/1959Southmead Bristol02/08/2017Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Kiernan,Rosemarie Kelen 20/02/1966Unknown19/06/2016Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown
Marjoram,Albert 07/05/1931Maldon Essex04/09/2013Clacton On Sea EssexUnknown
Norfolk,Leslie Roy 22/03/1934Coggeshall22/07/2014Clacton On Sea EssexUnknown
Overhill,Mark 21/07/1940Farnborough Hampshire23/08/2015Clacton on Sea EssexUnknown