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The current list of unclaimed Estates for deceased persons in England & Wales is below.

Latest Unclaimed Estates list: See the full list here or click on a Name for further information

NameDate Of PublicationDate Of DeathPlace Of Death
Ryan,Sean 03/04/202018/02/1999EastbourneEast Sussex
Stephens,Terence 03/04/202017/12/2017London
Baker,Winifred 31/03/202017/07/2010Brighton and Hove
Baxter,Anthony Patrick 31/03/202005/01/1994Acton London W3
Belcher,Jean 31/03/202019/12/2017Wiltshire
Corne,Kathleen 31/03/202006/02/2006Forest of Dean
Crawley,John Michael 31/03/202026/06/2001Croydon Surrey
Daly,Joseph 31/03/202013/08/2019Hackney
Fuller,Raymond Barry 31/03/202023/10/2013Hertfordshire
Gibbons,Winnie 31/03/202004/10/2013Surrey